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Promote webinars

Build lists

Product upgrades

And much more!

Sell products

Affiliate promotions

Limited time offers

In-app notifications

Promote discounts

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Micro engagement surveys

Show a micro survey before your opt-in form to increase conversions and segregate leads onto different lists so you can follow up with them based on their specific interests or goals.

Just some of ConvertBar's visitor

engagement and conversion features

2-step call to action

Boost conversions and minimise intrusions to other visitors with ConvertBar's 2-step process which only reveals your call to action when a visitor shows interest in your offer.

Scarcity countdown timers

With ConvertBar's easy to use advanced bar rules you can select exactly when you want a bar to show on your page and how often.

Create urgency for your offers with built in countdown timers. Set the timer to run on autopilot, starting when the visitor first hits the page, or end on a specific time and date.


Call-to-action videos & images

Grab attention the moment a visitor clicks your offer with a personal video or an image of your product directly inside your ConvertBar!

Intelligent bar trigger rules

From Facebook



Personalised offers based on visitor behaviour

Returning visitor

Visited "pricing page"

Scrolled 50% of page


Returning visitor




Show targeted, personalised offers based on your visitors behaviour both on and off your website with ConvertBar's simple yet powerful visitor targeting rules.


On page for 20 secs

Show: Facebook special offer

Show: 24 hour discount offer

Set a sequence of follow up offers for every visitor

Show indefinitely

Offer #2

Automatically show a sequence of personalised offers for each visitor as they return to your site over a specific period of time.

Show for 1 view

Show for 2 days

Offer #1

Offer #3

Coming 2017

Our pilot program is now open

Sign up below for special pre launch access!

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